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CRF – Feline Chronic Renal Failure

Saturday, September 26, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

CATVET3There  is a sad story from a friend here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She had to put her 17 year old cat down for CRF or Chronic Renal Failure. This disease is progressive and terminal but with patience, a good veterinarian, early diagnosis and the right pet medication, the condition could be managed effectively for some time. Life expectancy with this disease depends on how well the cat responds to treatment. Each cat is an individual and there are no set rules as to how long your cat will live with this condition. My friend’s cat lived quite a while, then suddenly developed seizures which worsened over just a day or two.

Early symptoms of this disease are increased water consumption and urination. If you notice this, take your cat to the vet for a blood test. The earlier the diagnosis, the better.


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