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One Beautiful Cat…….The Chausie

Thursday, September 3, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

chausieIf you’ve never heard of a Chausie, don’t worry, many people have not. These beautiful cats are a result of careful breeding between wild “jungle” cats and domestic cats. They were first bred in the 60’s as a safer alternative than to keep jungle cats in the home. It has the looks, grace and style of a jungle cats but the gentle disposition of a domestic cat. Today, the most common breed used to product a Chausie is the Abyssinian because it looks like a jungle cat but is much smaller. Adult males can reach 25 pounds so Chausies require lots of activity and lots of space. Chausies are heavy boned with long, slender legs and a muscular body. They have piercing oval gold or yellow eyes and a triangular shaped face with three round corners. They are loyal to their owners and have a high energy level.They love playing with their cat toys. Some are champion jumpers and they made an ideal companion for young children.

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