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DOGCOATBefore you know it, the weather will be getting cooler and you’ll start noticing your little dog start to shiver while on his walk. Time to think of buying him a dog coat. We do this to attempt to keep our little furry friend warm or to make a dog fashion statement but does your dog really like wearing that coat? Dog coats came about from people living in cold climates. Some breeds need extra layers in the cold weather. They are also a good conversation piece especially if there is someone in the park that you really want to meet and walks their dog the same time you walk yours. Smaller dogs generally wear dog coats but some larger dogs like Greyhounds that have very short hair may need to be kept warm so a coat may be appropriate. Dog coats come in all sizes and styles. There are hooded coats, denim coats, raincoats,and the list goes on. Dogs will usually tolerate their coats but some will do anything to pull them off like my dog used to do!

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