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Viagra for Dogs??

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGVIAGRAYes, this does sound strange but I assure you that your dog will not be given viagra to cure his erectile dysfunction! Actually in 2008, the British Media reported that Viagra has been credited to saving the life of a three year old border collie with heart problems. The dog developed a heart condition after suffering from a lung infection. He would lose consciousness when he got excited because his blood could not pump fast enough. His vet warned that the dog would die from the disease and suggested Viagra as a last resort. Viagra improves blood flow to the heart. The blue pill was put in his food and it did cure his heart disease. If a dog has poor blood flow, the vet may suggest viagra as a prescribed pet medication because it does improve blood circuation. So don’t be shocked if you hear that one of your furry friends is on viagra. Don’t worry, it’s not for erectile dysfunction!

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