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Older Cat Losing Control of Their Hind Legs

Thursday, June 25, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

seniorcatMy older cat Molly, sometimes seems to lose control of her hind legs. Yesterday, she once again lost control, stumbled and had difficulty getting up. This really concerns me. It only lasts for a few seconds but still is very scary. I am watching her closely and will be taking her for a follow up check up. She seems fine now but this has me worried.

I would like to rule out Thromboembolic disease where a clot forms in the groin or leg. This is potentially a life threatening condition. I ruled this out by feeling the pads on Molly’s hind legs. If her paw pads are colder than her front paw pads, this could be a sign of Thromboembolic disease. She is eating and drinking normally which is a good thing.  There could be a host of other issues that can be causing this but I will be monitoring her carefully and consulting with my vet. Pay attention to you senior pet because like humans, they can experience a host of different issues and conditions.

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