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CATVETI recently took my older cat Molly to the vet for her annual checkup. I did notice slight weight loss before I took her. I wasn’t really concerned. After her examination, the vet said that the blood test for her thyroid  showed her  thyroid to be slightly overactive. She lost about one and a half pounds since her last visit which was two years ago. I have to take her back to be re-weighed in July. They’ll do another blood test for her thyroid and if she loses more weight and the test still shows a high reading, she will go on medication to slow the thyroid down.

Weight loss in cats could be caused by many things and should never be ignored.

Like owner, like pussy. I also have an overactive thyroid and my doctor said that my latest blood test showed a slightly high reading. I also have to go back to my own doctor in July for another blood test. Molly and I a alike… many ways!

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