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Multiple Cats, Multiple Litter boxes

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
posted by Jim Murphy

CATS LITTERIf you have more than one cat and are wondering how many litter boxes you should have, here’s an equation recommended by Veterinarians and animal behaviorists. One litter box per cat plus one extra. Giving your cat choices increases the chances that your cat will use a litter box instead of a corner of a room. If one cat stakes out a particular box, the other cat still has a place to go.

Here’s another tip. Locate each litter box on each level of your house.  You want to make the boxes easily accessible to make sure that they are being used. Always place the litter boxes in a quiet area of your home so your cat can have privacy. Don’t place litter boxes in damp or dark places. Keep them in places that are comfortable for your cat. Would you want to go in a damp, dark place? Think of an out house. Who likes to go in them?

Remember, when it comes to litter boxes, think like a cat!

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