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Drinking Water For Cats

Sunday, November 9, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

cat drinkingCats are descendents from dessert animals but they still need a sufficient supply of water to obtain optimum kidney health.While cats that eat only raw prepared diets or canned food may get moisture from their diets, cats on primarily dry foods MUST drink fresh, clean water to survive. I recommend a constant source of fresh water for your cats. Leave their bowl out with their food and make sure that it is changed a couple of times per day. If you’re worried about whether your  water is safe for your cats to drink, I would recommend using bottled or filtered water to be on the safe side. I always give my cats filtered water and I make sure that their bowl is always full. If you leave you cats for a night or two, fill several large bowls of water. It’s better to overdo it rather than risk your cat not having enough water and getting dehydrated.

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