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When To Spay Your Dog

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CUTE PUPPYIf you are not planning on breeding you female dog, you are likely to have her spayed.  This involves having her ovaries and uterus removed. The procedure requires anesthesia but spays are routinely performed and the risks are low. In the long run, there are many potential health benefits. Spaying a dog before her first heat is a good way to reduce her risk of mammary tumors and uterine infections. So how early can you have it done?  Most veterinarians recommend spaying after a dog is five or six months old. Some new research has supported the concept of early spays, when a dog is only two months of age.  Talk to your veterinarian to determine what time is best and don’t worry, you dog will recover quickly and before you know it will be back to his old self!

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Beware of Those That Are Unkind to Pets

Sunday, September 14, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

dogs parkWe are all pet lovers. I know that because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who do not like pets. One day I went to the county park for my daily walk. There are always lots of dogs having a great time with their owners and the park is a perfect place for your dog to get exercise. As I was walking, I noticed a bunch of people with their dogs, all on their dog leashes. They seemed to be in a group talking. I also saw a man screaming at them to get their dogs out of the park. The dogs had a perfect right to be in the park. They were with their owners and were not causing any harm. As I went to tell this cranky old man off, the group went up to him in unison and shouted at him to get out of the park. They also used lots of obsenities which prompted him to hurry off. I said “good for them.” The park is a public place and our furry friends have the perfect right to be there! So it turns out that I didn’t have to intervene on their behalf after all. If you take your dog to the park, no one can say anything to you if your dog is on a leash and you pick up after him. There are also special dog runs where your dog could be taken off his leash for exercise and to social with other canine friends. Have fun with your dog in the park and beware of cranky old men!!


Remember, your pets count.

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Inappropriate Dog Behavior

Saturday, September 13, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG DESTRUCTIONIf your dogs behavior is so inappropriate, your veterinarian may refer you to an veterinary behaviorist. This is an expert who deals with dogs and cats behaving badly. Jerry Flanigan, a Behaviorist with Carolina Veterinary Specialists says that if your dog or cat suffers from separation anxiety or acts out in other destructive ways, a behaviorist will develop an action plan based on your pets history and issues. Then it’s up to you to do the majority of the work making the appropriate changes to encourage better pet behavior. A reminder never punish you pet by putting him in his pet carrier, you will defeat the purpose plus create lots of anxiety for your pet!

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TWO DOGSMore often than not, several dogs can co-exist harmoniously in a single home. They may even get along better than the human family members. Dogs are naturally pack animals. They determine among themselves who will be the dominant dog and usually never have problems getting along. Animal behaviorists say that multiple dogs in a household can be peaceful all day long. Sometimes, for some reason a fight may break out when the humans come home. What happened? Did the humans upset the multiple dog dynamic?  It is difficult to figure this out.  Dogs always lived in packs long before we tried to live with them. Veterinary behavior specialists have some of the answers and there’s no shame in asking for help. Several dogs will get along fine just  don’t expect them to share all of their things! You should feed them separately and have separate beds for them. Most don’t like to cuddle.

Remember, your pets count!

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How Fast Can Cats Run

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT RUNNINGIndoor cats seem very sedentary.  My cats lie around all day long and seem not to move around at all except to eat and use their litter box. I always try to play with my younger cat Millie every evening. She is nine years old and loves to chase a hanging toy on a stick. She jumps and dashes all over the house. My cat Molly is fifteen years old and she will not play with any toy. In fact, if I try to play with her she will his, get angry and run away! Even tough indoor cats are basically sedentary, the can run really fast if they have to. Household cats are capable of reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour. Their wild cousin, the cheetah can zoom up to 70 miles per hour. Cats can outrun most dogs so don’t let all that lying around fool you. They will disappear in a second if they have to.

Remember, your pets count.

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Help Save The Animals by Donating Your Car

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

PET TRANSPORTThere are many ways that you can make a difference in an animals life. If could be by adopting a rescue dog or cat, making a donation or even by donating your car to safely transport abandoned pets two and from rescue shelters. If you own a Chevy,  GMC Cargo Van or pickup truck you can donate it to the Bergen County Animal Shelter. It’s Bergen County’s only no kill animal shelter. They are looking for Chevy or GMC Vans series 2500 or 3500 as well as truck series 250 and 350. All vehicles that are donated must be 2005 or newer and contain fully functioning air conditioning for the safe transport of the animals. By making your donation, these future pets will be brought to veterinarians and adoption events throughout the county. Your donated vehicle can contain your company name as a reminder of your generous donation.  If you are interested in making a donation, you may contact the Bergen County Animal Shelter at 201-945-0649 or visit their website at Your donation will make a big difference in these wonderful animals lives.

Remember, your pets count!


A Checklist For Traveling with Your Cat

Sunday, September 7, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

CATCARRIERTraveling with a cat is not the same as with a dog. Cats love to hide and will get under anything they can. Having a cat travel in a car without being  placed in a cat carrier is asking for trouble. They can get trapped under the gas pedal or even try to wiggle their way under the dashboard. Cats must be secured in a sturdy cat carrier during a road trip. Here are some supplies that you should keep in your car for the trip.

  • Bottled Water and a no spill bowl.
  • Dry food, a small bowl and treats.
  • Favorite toys
  • A comfortable, familiar blanket
  • A leash, spare collar with ID Tags and a reachable phone number
  • Cat first aid kit
  • Travel litter box. They sell throwaway litter boxes in the supermarket.
  • Non prescription calming medicine such s Rescue Remedy
  • Photo of you cat in case she gets lost
  • Your cats medical records
  • Paper towel rolls and plastic bags

It’s better to be well prepared for any road trip with you cat.

Remember, your pets count!

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Dogs for a Busy Schedule

Friday, September 5, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

BEAGLEIf you have a busy schedule and you are thinking about getting a dog, you may want to choose a breed that likes to lie around, like a couch potato. You may also want to choose a dog that’s low maintenance when it comes to grooming.  For example, a small, short haired dog such as a Chihuahua will not need as much grooming as a long haired Golden Retriever.  Boxers and Beagles are also easier to groom. Their short hair is not prone to mats and you could easily remove ticks if you need to.  Always remember, no matter what breed you choose, your dog will still need lots of attention.  He may not shed as much as a Sheep dog or run as much as a Collie, but he will still need regular walks, exercise and grooming sessions. So when thinking about a dog, don’t forget about that dog leash and frisbee just yet. If your schedule requires that you work long hours or have to travel frequently, consider a cat instead. It’s just not fair for the dog.

Remember, your pets count!

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Socialize Your New Kitten

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

KITTEN HELDSome cats will disappear if someone strange comes in the house. I had a friend who supposedly had a cat. I never saw it because every time I would go over to her house, her cat would bolt and wind up in a corner or under a bed. If you’ve just adopted a new kitten, you must make sure that you socialize her right away. For kittens, the period of prime socialization to humans is between two and seven weeks of age. I know this sounds young, but socialization should start almost immediately after your kitten is born. During this time, it’s important for your kitten to be handled by different people in pleasant ways. You don’t want you kitten to grow up hissing, spitting or striking out at strangers when she grows up.

Remember, your pets count.


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SAD DOGStories like this really make me sad. It’s the story of an angry dog owner shown kicking his dog and lifting it up by the collar.  The outcome may surprise you. The company name is Centerplate and the dog abuser was non other than the company’s CEO   Desmond Hague. He is shown on video tape kicking and abusing a dog. The connecticut based company announced today that Hague has been removed from his post. The announcement follows a tumultuous ten days for the stadium catering firm, including a threatened boycott by sports fans. One food service insider said that they thought Hague’s long work hours may have contributed to his behavior. It doesn’t matter what the cause is. This behavior is wrong and should not be tolerated. If you’re working too long, it’s your own problem. Change your life, don’t take your anger out on a poor animal. My kudo’s to Centerplate for recognizing this and removing  Hague from his position. I think he needs a long rest, then find a less stressful job. If you see animal abuse, please report it ASAP. Call you local authorities and contact the Humane Society.

Remember, your pets count!


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