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The Wire Fox Terrier

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

WIRE FOX TERRIERA Wire Fox Terrier won best in show at the Westminster Dog Show this year. This dog is great for allergy sufferers because it doesn’t shed at all. The Wire Fox Terrier is a very energetic, friendly dog. They are great with children making them a great pick for a family dog. They make very lovable and devoted pets. They¬† are also hunting dogs and will hunt and kill rabbits and birds. Make sure you keep him on a leash because they love to explore. You can let him run free but make sure that your yard is fenced in. If you socialize him properly, he will get along well with other dogs but you must spend the time with him and be patient.¬† This is an intelligent breed that needs lots of exercise for both his body and mind. Keep him occupied with lots of toys and activity.

The Wire Terrier can live 15 years or longer which is a fairly long life span for a dog. You’ll have many years to enjoy him!

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