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Sunday, February 9, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy
Millie taking a rest from her hard day at work!

Millie taking a rest from her hard day at work!

About eight years ago, I adopted my second cat Millie. At the time that I adopted her she was only about two months old. We went to a craft show in Ocean City, Maryland and there was a cat adoption section set up at the entrance. We already had a cat and we had no intention of adopting another one.We saw this one cat, who looked so lonely. She came over and I stuck my hand in the cage. She rubbed up against my hand as if begging me to take her. We then wandered around the craft show, thinking about that poor little kitten. As we left, we saw her once again. She glanced up at us and gave us a tiny “meow.” We slowly walked to our car, I opened the door and went to start the engine. I was with my partner and we both thought the same thing. Lets go back in and adopt that poor little kitten! We shut the car door, walked back in, paid the $35 fee and walked out with Millie. Her name was originally Katrina because she was found ¬†abandoned in a flooded area of New Orleans. We didn’t like to have her associated with such as catastrophic storm like Katrina so we changed her name to Mille. She’s been a member of our family ever since and is the sweetest little cat. Yes, she is small for a full grown cat but is happy and healthy, except when her “sister” Molly chases her around and swats her!

I’m so glad that we she was rescued her and wish that there were more people who would give a poor animal a chance like we gave Millie

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