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What Do You Do if Your Pet Has a Merca Infection?

Saturday, January 11, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

VERY CUTE PUPPY 3Merca is a staff bacteria that is resistant to common antibiotics. It can start as an abcess or skin infection but it gets more serious as it gets into the bloodstream and organs.  It’s important that you know that merca impacts both humans and pets and can be passed back and forth. If it shows up in your pets, don’t assume that they are the only ones that are affected. Armando Howett, Coordinator of the veterinary public health program at Ohio State University advices both doctors and veterinarians to work together to screen, treat and manage the illness in the household. Good hygene is your best prevention. Wash your hands and keep wounds covered to prevent infection. If you notice any symptoms on your pet, don’t assume that over the counter pet medication will solve the problem. Get your pet to a vet right away and be aware that the infection can spread to you.

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