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Should You Feed Your Cat Table Food?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT SUSHII would strongly advise against feeding a cat table scraps for several reasons. ¬†First of all some human food such as onions or chocolate are toxic to cats even in small amounts. Another reason is that food for humans is usually too highly spiced and has too much fat in it. This can cause obesity and also really irritate your cat’s digestive system.

A cat regularly fed human food will either lose his taste for his own food, or be too full to eat it. Either way, he will lose the essential nutrients, including taurine, so necessary for cats to survive and thrive.
One of my cats likes scrambled eggs. I will occasionally give her a tiny piece of the egg otherwise I feed both of them a combination of wet food, dry food and a small snack in the evening. Keep your cats healthy, chose a cat food that contains lots of protein and vary it with a quality brand of wet food.
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