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My Cat is My Alarm Clock

Sunday, May 12, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

In case the power goes out, I never have to worry. My cat, Millie will wake me up the same time every morning. By 6:00 am every morning, Millie will climb on my headboard and begin to pace back and forth and meow. She insists that I get up and feed her, pet her and give her water. Cats can be very needy and Millie is one of those cats. Their instinct enables them to do things on schedule. They are very consistent and persistent! If the alarm goes off and I get out of bed, she is happy but on weekends, when the alarm is off, she will meow and meow starting at 6:00 am. I don’t get mad and even try to reason with her but she usually wins. After the pacing and meowing, I crawl out of bed by about 6:30 – 7:00 am. My cat controls me and it’s all my fault because I spoiled her when she was very young! ┬áThe cats rule!!

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