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When your friends of family hate your pet

Sunday, January 13, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

I have a very dear friend but the only problem is that she hates my cats, especially my older cat, Mollie. This weekend, she asked if she could stay overnight. Of course, I said yes but I get stressed out because she is not very nice to Mollie. We were watching Television and Mollie came in the room to sit by me as she always does. My friend stood up, screamed and chased Mollie out of the room! I was not very pleased and quickly went to my bedroom with Molly.

Unfortunately, not everyone likes pets but there is no reason for anyone to be mean to them. My cats are part of my family and my house is their house. They belong here and shouldn’t be mistreated. If you experience a similar circumstance, you must tell the person, that if your pet bothers them that much, then maybe they shouldn’t come to your house anymore. You can meet them outside. If someone is allergic to a dog or a cat, they should also tell you so you could make the proper preparations for your pet before your company arrives.

I don’t like to lock my cats up when people are over. To tell you the truth, I understand that some people are allergic to cats but what I can’t understand is why some people hate cats. They are docile creatures who usually will run and hide or ignore friends or family when they pay you a visit. Sometimes they will rub up against you for affection — maybe it’s me but I just don’t get it!!

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