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Your intuitive cat

Thursday, August 16, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

I will be packing up today to head down to Delaware for a few days. I always take my cats with me. As soon as I start going through the closet gathering some of the clothes, my cats are probably thinking “Oh no, here we go again, another long car trip cramped up in a box.”  As soon as I make the final preparations like taking the suitcase to the car, they suddenly disappear. They go to their favorite hiding place thinking that their owner will never miss them and head of on that long trip without them. My younger cat, Millie always tries to find a new hiding spot. There was one time, I left my suitcase open just a little and when I went to zip it up, I noticed that my clothes were beginning to move. Millie had managed to get down in between my shirts and underwear to try out a new hiding place.

Our pets always surprise us. Cats are very intuitive creatures. They can always sense a change of routine. We’ll see if I can out smart them this time!

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