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Cat’s whiskers

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

You may think that your cat’s whiskers are not important. Think again, they help him feel his way around and are very very sensitive.  They are so sensitive that they could detect the slightest change in direction of a breeze. At night, they help a cat get from place to place without bumping into anything.  How can they do this? It has to do with the air currents. Air currents in the room change depending on where pieces of furniture in the room are located. As your cat walks through the living room and approaches the couch, he’ll know which direction to turn based on the change in air current around the couch.

A cat’s whiskers are also a good indicator of his mood. When a cat is angry or defensive, his whiskers will be pulled back. When a cat is happy, his whiskers will be off the the side in a normal position.  Whiskers are about three times as thick as cat hair. They should never be trimmed. Whiskers are also rooted very deep, next to nerves and blood vessels. So those whiskers serve a very important purpose.

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