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Crazy kittens at night

Friday, September 9, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

Does your kitten seem to get all wound up in the evening and even crazier in the early morning? This is because cats are  crepuscular which means that they are more active at dusk and dawn.  The reason could be that in the wild, the animals that they hunt are moving around then. So when you’ve had a hard day at work and are drifting off to sleep, your cats killer instincts are just waking up. I could hear mine chasing each other around the house. My younger cat, Millie starts to meow, telling me to get up and play with her. My older cat Mollie will put her paws around my legs and keep me from getting back into bed if I get up for a glass of water or to go to the bathroom. To calm the night time antics and morning madness, you’ll need to reset your cats body clock.  Try playing a game that’s like hunting. I play with her fishing pole cat toy. Then feed her just before bedtime.  Feed her first thing in the morning. To keep her from sleeping all day, put out some interactive cat toys to keep her busy. Remember, your pets count!