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Do dogs like to wear clothes?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

I know that you are expecting me to say “sure,” they love all of the latest fashions just as you do but unfortunately, your dog would probably prefer going outside completely naked. Dogs don’t need to wear clothing. They have hair/fur that acts as a insulator.  It keeps them warm in winter and actually keeps them cooler in summer.  Shortening the longer coated breeds in summer helps them stay cooler easier. When we put dog clothing on them, it’s our way of humanizing them. Do you ever notice how some dogs actually resemble their owners?  Very rarely do dogs actually need another layer of clothing. I always put a coat on my Chihuahua but did it stop him from shivering on a cold, winter day? No.  Small dogs should be outside for a very short period of time in the winter. They will warm back up quickly as soon as they’re in the house. Sometimes putting clothing on your dog can cause bald spots.

It can’t hurt your dog if you dress him up but don’t feel bad if your dog is naked and your neighbors dog is wearing all of the latest fashions! Remember, your pets count!