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Is it a dog or a Lamb?

Friday, April 8, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

bedlington-terrierOne of the strangest dogs that I’ve ever seen has to be the Bedlington Terrier. These dogs look almost like a lamb.  They have pear shaped heads, curly sheep like fur  and triangular ears. There really is no other breed like them. The funny thing is that originally, they  were  used for fighting!  Today, they are bred to be sweet companions but they could still get pretty tough if they’re challenged.  They are brave and energetic dogs and super fast runners.  They could be high strung if they don’t get enough exercise. Only let this breed off of their dog leash in an enclosed area. Like the Whippet, they are fast and love to chase squirrels or other critters that they might see.

Bedlington Terriers may have a serious inherited liver problem known as Copper Storage Disease. They are also prone to hereditary kidney disease, PRA, thyroid problems and eye problems such as cataracts and retinal disease.

These breeds will do OK in an apartment but they need lots of exercise and long walks. Their coat sheds little or no hair and requires specialized grooming every six weeks or so.