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Protecting your dogs feet in ice and snow

Sunday, November 28, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-coat-bootsDogs usually love a long walk in the snow, except when the salt on the sidewalk gets stuck between in your dogs paws. This is extremely painful and causes their paws to burn.  Even snow and ice can get stuck in your dogs paws causing cuts and uncomfortably cold toes. Even a small amount of snow and ice buildup on your dogs paws can pull the hairs underneath and cause a loss of traction.  You can help by keeping your dogs nails clipped short . If the hairs are clipped too short, they will no longer offer protection from snow and ice. You could avoid trimming out too much hair by keeping the scissors parallel with your dogs pad and just clip off what sticks out from in between the pads. The fur should be cut just short enough around the toes to see the end of the toe nail.

In cold weather, you may want to consider a dog coat and dog boots to protect his paws. Make sure that you are aware if your dog is in pain from the ice, snow and rock salt that can get stuck between his toes.