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Why do cats bring home their prey?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

car-bringing-home-a-mouseIf you have an outdoor cat, it’s possible that one day when you opened the door to let her in, she gave you a present and dropped a dead mouse at your feet. You probably reacted with extreme distaste and quickly disposed of her “generous” little gift. Why do cats do this on occasion? The answer is simple. Cats are born predators and even though she has a good home and you feed her well, they are hunters by nature. In the wild, cats kill their prey for food.  Why do they bring their “little gifts” home you may ask? Well there could be several answers to this. One could be that they view you as their “boss” and they want to show you what a good job they are doing.  Another could be that your cat views you as an incompetent kitten who needs to be schooled in the ways of hunting. In any case, it’s not a pleasant experience. Indoor cats love to chase around the object at the end of their fishing pole cat toy as if they object were alive.