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older-dog-with-bone-on-headAll dogs get into a routine but the older your dog gets, the more he will rely on his normal routine.  A nice long walk in the park and a game of fetch provides some great exercise and social activity for your older dog.  If you’re at home, a game of hide and seek with his favorite ball or  toy will not only keep him from getting board but will give his some additional good exercise.

Remember that dogs love to work, so spend some time teaching him a new trick them give him some treats, he’ll enjoy the extra attention plus the treats!

Another idea is to make him use his sense of smell. Pick out a dog toy or treat and make him smell it. Make sure he gets a good wiff. Then hide the object while he stays in one place. Ask him to “fetch it” and you’ll see how fast he brings it back to you.

After all this activity, your dog will enjoy a nice rest in his cozy fleece dog bed.

These are all additional things that you could add to his routine. It will keep your older dog healthy and active.