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cute-cat-2It was a very uncomfortable day today here in the northeast. High heat and humidity made it miserable!  When heat and humidity reached the levels that it did today, any strenuous physical activity for your cat or travel in his pet carrier should be avoided.  The high humidity will prevent your cats body from cooling down because cats do not sweat like we do.  High humidity can cause strokes, cramps and exhaustion.  All of these conditions can be very dangerous for your pet.  Body fluids in your cat are lost in these conditions and the body temperature can rise to a very high level.

I travel to Delaware frequently and many times, I will take the ferry across the Delaware Bay to Cape May, NJ on my way home. The problem in the summer is that my cats travel with me and when I drive the car on to the ferry, I never know where it will end up. If it’s in the sun, my cats will get very hot since I have to turn off the engine and the trip across the bay in one hour and fifteen minutes. This is very dangerous for them so my solution, I never take the ferry in the hot summer months.

How do you know if your cat is overheated?  If your cat has breathing problems, coughing or a dry throat, he is probably dehydrated and get him to a cool, shady spot with plenty of water on hand right away.

During the summer, take precautions when it comes to your pets. You may have to change your plans to keep them safe. Keep them in a cool area and always have their water bowl filled.