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cat-fishing-poleMy cat Millie loves her fishing pole cat toy. She sits by this toy at the same time everyday  and starts to meow. As soon as I get the toy for her, she follows me all over the house and loves to chase the little fish at the end of it. She jumps, swats, and does anything to catch that feather or fish at the end of the pole.  These toys provide hours of fun and exercise for your cat. It will help a fat cat lose some weight if you play with her regularly. There are several kinds of fishing pole cat toys that you can choose from. Many of these fishing poles have the herb catnip inside the toy at the end. Catnip is a safe herb with excites most cats.  Some fishing pole toys can have a squeaky toy at the end that your cat may think is a mouse. Most cats also like feathers. They will jump, rub and chase the feather all around.

All in all these toys are great for your cat. They not only provide hours of entertainment for them but they also help to keep your pet physically fit!