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cat-outside-in-snow1Neutering a cat has many advantages. It helps reduce cat overpopulation. It also makes your cat content at staying indoors and out of trouble. The main reason to neuter a male cat is to reduce the amount of objectionable behavior that is very common in all male cats.

Roaming – Neutering will reduce this characteristic by about 85-90%. Over 50% stop this behavior as soon as they are neutered.

Marking their territory with urine – Over 90% of cats will stop this nasty habit right away.

Fighting and aggressive behavior – Again over 90% will stop this quickly after being neutered.

Another reason for neutering has to do with your cats physical appearance. Cats neutered prior to six months of age develop a more muscular body and a fuller face. Get him some new toys or a new cat scratching post after the procedure so he will still feel a little like a cat!