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dog-earsEar care is usually one of the easiest dog grooming tasks that you may do but it is a very necessary task. Unless your dog hunts, swims or has ear problems, ear cleaning needs to be done every few weeks. It’s a good idea to do it when you give your dog a bath.

Clean the outermost area of your dogs ears with a Q tip or a cotton swab that is dampened with water. You can even use a small amount of baby oil.  To clean further inside the ear, you should use an ear cleaning solution. Ask your vet which is the best one to use.  To do this, put the solution bottle between our palms to warm it first.  Then squirt the prescribed amount into your dogs ear canal.  Gently message the base of the ear. Remove any dirt or wax with a dry cotton ball or swab.

If you keep your dogs ears clean, you will prevent infections and problems down the road. You will also save on vet and pet medication bills.