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cat-arching-his-backYou’ve seen the sillouette on halloween decorations, the scary cat with the arched back with its hair standing on end.  You’ve probably seen your cat doing the same thing. Arching the back, fluffing the hair on the back and tail and turning sideways will make your cat appear larger than it really is. When the cat starts to hiss and snarl, a feint hearted aggressor may go running.  Even if your cat spends all of his time in the protected environment of your home, playing with their cat toys and sleeping in their nice warm cat bed, they will still arch their back when stretching. Why do they do this? It could simply feel good but it could be instinctual so that they are able to protect themselves from a future threat if they’re backed into a corner. This is normal behavior so don’t be alarmed unless you are the one that the cat is arching his back and hissing at!