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dog-howlingIt was early on a Saturday morning in the late eighties.I was living in Hoboken, NJ at the time. Normally,since it was only about 5:00am, my Chihuahua was fast asleep at the foot of my bed. Today was different.  He began running around the room barking and barking. He then jumped on me in the bed and insisted that I get up. I was baffled by this change in behavior and thought that he may be sick. Just at that moment, there was a loud noise, the bed shook and everything was calm again including my dog. It sounded like an explosion. I got up went in the hallway to see what had happened but found nothing. I later found out that at that time, there was a small earthquake in Westchester County, NY about 25 miles to the north. I felt the effects of this small quake and my dog knew it was going to happen before it did. How did he know?

Many people believe that dogs and even cats have a special sense and can feel or predict earthquakes.  A German scientist, Helmut Tributsch once published an article about animal behavior and earthquakes. It theorized that the flow of icons – electrically charged air – created by the friction of the earth’s underground plates rubbing together just prior to earthquakes might be detectable to animals.  The reason he gives is that animals have drier body surfaces than humans. Tributsch believes that animals are more sensitive to the electrostatic charges that precede earthquakes.

There are lots of examples of animals acting strangely before earthquakes. No has proven without a doubt that dogs and cats can predict earthquakes. If you live in an earthquake prone zone, write down the next time your dog or cat acts funny. You may be able to see for yourself whether your pet has this ability. Think of the help this could be to geophysicists and seismologists!

The next time your dog is running around barking,  don’t run for the dog leash too quickly.

holiday-dogThe holidays are the most dangerous time for your pets. Just call any veterinary emergency clinic  to verify this. The number of pet injuries, poisonings, accidents and illness that are preventable rise dramatically from November to the beginning of January.  Here are some of the most dangerous.

1. The holiday food, pet owners seem to feed their pets very fatty leftovers and foods during the holidays. This causes a sharp rise in  pancreatitis in dogs.

2. The holiday plants like poinsettias are poisonous to dogs and cats. Don’t buy them and put them around your house.

3. Holiday tree ornaments such as tinsel and glass ornaments. Glass can break and injure your pet. I almost lost a cat because he ate the tinsel on the tree. DON’T USE IT IF YOU HAVE A PET!

4. Candles can cause burns if your cat accidentally  gets to close. If your dog knocks them over,they can cause a fire.

5. Dinner guests and holiday visitors that don’t know how to interact with your cat or dog can get scratched or bitten. It also provides an escape route for your pet if they leave the door open.

6. The holiday presents present a threat if they contain chocolate which is toxic to cats or dogs!

It’s a good idea to keep the ASPCA poison control number close just in case. 1-888-426-4435

If you play it safe, you won’t have to keep your pet in his pet or dog carrier or crate all the time during the holiday season.

dog-and-technician1Did you ever think of becoming a veterinary technician? Now’s the time to do it.  Rebecca Rose, a certified Veterinary Technician in Colorado says that this field is expected to grow over 44% over the next eight years. The required training takes two years to complete.  You will need good people skills because you will be working directly with veterinarians and will be interacting with clients on a regular basis. You should also enjoy hands on patient care. Rebecca says that the love of pets, good people skills and a hands on approach is what drives people into this profession. Most of these specialists work in clinics or in animal hospitals.  Rebecca also mentions that there are many other work options from research and development to teaching to owning your own business.  Maybe this is the profession for you. We’re all in a time where changing professions is becoming a common occurrence. If you love pets, you can now enjoy a profession that will pay for all of the dog and cat toys and food as well as other accessories that you spend so much money on!

dog-taking-a-bathHow do you bathe your dog? Remember that if you bathe them too often, their body overcompensates and produces too much oil resulting in a dog smell. Groom your dog regularly. This way you can tell if he has dry or oily skin. So where do you bathe your dog? This depends on its size and coat. Small dogs can be bathe in a kitchen sink. Big dogs can go in bathtubs but beware  that after they get done shaking off the water, your bathroom will look like a mess. If you can, it’s best to bathe large dogs in the basement or outside. I read about a dog owner who spotted a bathtub out on the curb on garbage day and recycled it as a basement washing and grooming station for her dog.

The best way to dry a dog is to towel dry him. Make sure that you have lots of towels so you’re not rubbing your wet dog with a wet towel. Some dogs like Labradors have oily coats that dry easily by towel. If you decide to use a blow dryer on your dog, make sure that it is on a low to medium setting from a distance of a few feet. There have been cases where the blow dryer was placed too close to the skin resulting in the dogs skin being burned. While I’m on the topic, make sure that you are familiar with and trust your groomer. Check out their method of grooming and drying your dog the make sure that it is safe. If there is any doubt in your mind at all, go to another groomer. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So now that your dog  is clean and smells fresh, maybe you can cut back on the pet odor removal products!

cat-fight-2I was not going to write about this today but I had a troublesome dream last night. In my dream, my indoor cat, Mollie somehow got out of our home in Delaware. I heard her crying and ran to the door and saw another cat on top of her “beating her up!” I did everything I could to get to her but could not. You know that strange feeling in dreams when you try to move but can’t. It was a horrible feeling!  I woke up to find Mollie in her bed just fine. What do you do if your cat gets into a fight with another cat or you see two cats fighting?  The first thing that you have to do is see if they’re just playing or really fighting.  Hissing at each other a few times is normal but continued hissing suggests that a cat fight is about to get underway.  If they are fighting, try distracting them. Drop something on the floor  or make a loud noise.  This should startle them and have them running in opposite directions. Shaking a box or can of food treats should also get them to stop fighting.  Do not try to physically remove one cat from the other. You’ll get bitten and scratched. If your cat is injured, get him to your vet as soon as possible. Your vet will determine the extent of his injuries and what type of pet medication is needed.

cat-in-animal-shelterMost people go to an animal shelter and see the cute little kittens that are up for adoption. The kittens always go first. One of the saddest things you’ll see in an animal shelter is the older cats waiting for adoption.  Most of these poor cats came from a loving home where someone fed and cared for them. Maybe the owner passed away or for some other reason they had to be put up for adoption. This is heartbreaking. Many people who adopt kittens, adopt them because they are cute and cuddly. Kittens lose their playfulness as they get older and with it sometimes the love of their owners!  Here are some things to remember if you do adopt a kitten. Do you have small children in the house? A child that is 2 or 3 may inadvertently kill a small kitten. Do you have any other pets? Make sure that you acclimate your new kitten to the others pets in the house. Is your house safe? If you’re not home during the day, make sure that your kitten is in a safe place.  Has the kitten been vaccinated?  It is imperative to have your kitten vaccinated right away.

One final note. They say a true cat lover is one that will adopt a full grown cat. Are you a true cat lover? Before you go out and get the new cat bed, cat toys etc. decide if your are going to adopt a kitten or full grown cat. Keep in mind that the older cat once was loved and now is stuck in a cage all alone. Maybe you can make him feel loved again!

exotic-catMost cats are house cats but did you know that feline breeding is a big business producing elegant hybrids with exotic eyes, skin or even ears?   You can find one breed with leopard spots and marble colored hair!  Some breeds have no hair at all which are excellent for allergy sufferers. These breeds can be very expensive costing several hundred dollars.  If the cat is really unusual, it can cost several thousand dollars. There are cat nappers out there who only care about making a buck.  To be sure that your cat is not “catnapped,”  you can get your cats nose printed. Like a fingerprint, every cats nose has a different pattern. After his nose has been printed, you’ll probably even spend more on your new “treasure” and buy him a fancy carrier or cat bed. So if you go for the exotic breeds or a plain old ordinary house cat, they will bring you lots of enjoyment, unconditional love and a whole lot of companionship.

friendscat-dog1What can you do to be prepared in the event that your dog or cat eats something poisonous?  If you fear that your pet has ingested something that is poisonous, call your veternarian or poison control center immediately. It’s a good idea to keep hydrogen peroxide in the house in case your vet advises you to induce vomiting. Don’t administer this or any other pet medication on your own. Wait until you vet tells you how to procede or call the National Animal Poison Center at 1-888-426-4435. They charge $50.00 per case. The Center will do as many follow up calls that are necessary in critical cases. They will also contact your veternarian at your request. The center will also provide any treatment protocols via fax when needed. Don’t wait! If you suspect that your pet may have ingested something that is poisonous, you  have no time to lose!

More Dogs Choose Rawhide

Monday, July 27, 2009
posted by PetsRule

rawhide-chewsIt’s normal for untrained dogs – especially puppies – to chew virtually any item they can reach with their gnashing teeth. This behavior should be controlled and channeled early on so that a dog doesn’t destroy valuable family antiques or expensive stereo equipment. That way, dogs learn some manners for the future and humans save a little dough (not the chewable kind).

The duration and intensity of a dog’s chewing habit depends partially on its specific breed. Black labs, for instance, enjoy chomping on tennis balls well into their adult years. The best way to deter destructive chewing is by providing dogs with safe chew-fodder. Rawhide chews or bones should keep a dog’s attention away from the socks and slippers.