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Dental problems in cats

Friday, February 11, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-brushingDid you know that dental problems are one of the most common things that your vet deals with in cats? Most people associate pet dental problems in dogs but they are just as common in cats. These conditions are preventable with good hygiene. Cat owners should always be aware of any problems in your cats mouth. Some things that you should be aware of are:

  • Their reluctance to groom.
  • Lumps of bumps
  • Bad breath
  • drooling
  • Reluctance to eat dried food when that the food they are used to.
  • Red, inflamed or bleeding gums

Problems could be those similar in humans like gingivitis, abscess, periodontal disease or endodontic disease.

Your vet will be able to diagnose and treat most dental problems. Brushing your cats teeth can help prevent disease in the mouth, teeth and gums. There are  cat accessories that you can get from your vet which will help your care for your cat’s teeth and gums.

When cats get frightened

Monday, January 10, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-frightenedI’m sure you’ve heard your cat hiss and have seen him puff up his tail.  This means that he feels threatened. If you watch closely, when your cat gets startled, the pupils of his eyes will quickly become smaller.  Your cat may show several different signs that he is frightened. He may also run, hide, growl and arch his back. To help reduce your cat’s anxiety, it is much better to slowly introduce anything that is new or different such as new cat toy, object, person and even another animal. Slowly, over time he will become used to the new addition to his environment. If your cat runs off and hides because he his frightened, don’t run after him and try to pull him out from under the sofa or bed. You’ll just make things worse.  Be patient and let him come out when he is ready. One of my cats runs and hides when one of my friends comes over. My friend does not like cats and one time startled her. Since that time, she’s in her cozy little hiding place when my friend is over.

One important thing to remember with cats is that you should keep their routine as consistent as possible.  This includes feeding, playing and cuddling.

My spiteful kitty!

Sunday, November 14, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy
Mollie, my spiteful kitty!

Mollie, my spiteful kitty!

Actually, cats are not spiteful creatures but if something in their little world gets out of balance, you will notice some behavior changes. This weekend, I had a guest visiting. My guest is not comfortable around cats and my older cat, Mollie senses this. It came time for bedtime. I had my guest stay in our guest bedroom. My guest closed the door and went to bed. During the night, I heard scratching at the guest room door. It was Mollie reminding my guest that this was her house and that nobody belonged in that bedroom.

This morning, my guest told me that when she got up to use the bathroom during the night, there was Mollie blocking the doorway and meowing. Mollie clearing was saying that my guest had no business using the bathroom!

Later this morning, I noticed a stain on the floor next to the guest bedroom door and another one in front of the guest bathroom door. I got out the pet stain remover and as I leaned over to remove it, I realize that the stain was urine! Molly decided that clawing at the guest bedroom door, meowing and blocking the bathroom door wasn’t enough to emphasize the fact that my guest wasn’t welcome. So she peed to make sure that my guest got the message!

My guest left later this morning and all is well in Mollies little world again.

Can your pet get high blood pressure?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-puppy-and-kittenDid you ever think that only humans can get high blood pressure?  Cats and dogs can also suffer from hypertension.  Most of the time, they will never show any obvious signs of the disease.  The ability to recognize and to treat hypertension in dogs and cats is a relatively recent development in veterinary medicine.  Treatment for a pet with high blood pressure may include a low salt diet and pet medication to lower their blood pressure.  It has been found that in pets, hypertension is almost always secondary to some other disorder which may include diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid disease.  The chance of treating the hypertension really increases if you are able to discover and eradicate the underlying disease.

dog-boxI know I’ve written about this topic several times. It’s one that I really feel passionate about. The reason why I’m writing about it again today is that today, a note was slipped under my door which read “Pets Coming to Grand Cove?” It went on to say that a vote is being taken to allow both dogs and cats into our condo community. There are currently no pets allowed but they really don’t say anything about cats. I have two cats and when I moved here about ten years ago, I was so paranoid that someone may see me bringing in a cat that I covered my cat’s cage with a bunch of blankets and “smuggled” her in. Now isn’t it ridiculous that we have to do that? Our pets are our family and should be allowed where ever we choose to live. There is a reason why pets are now being considered here at Grand Cove. The reason is that the real estate market is lousy and in order to be competitive in this market, allowing pets may make sales easier.

For many years most coop and condo communities here in north jersey “snubbed” pets.  Pets should always be allowed in my opinion, most people have pets and if you’re investing so much money in a place to live, it doesn’t make sense not to allow our pets.

I do believe that rules need to be established and followed. Fines should be issued to careless people who are not following the rules properly. For example, areas should be designated where pets can and cannot be walked. All dogs must be kept on their dog leash when outside and  a limit as  to the amount of pets one owner could have should be part of the rules and regulations.

It was encouraging to see this “change of heart” but did it have to occur because of a down real estate market?

Pets and liver disease

Thursday, September 2, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-dog-and-cat-together-2A healthy liver is essential for a healthy pet. Your pet’s liver is vital to maintain his metabolism and to get rid of toxins. Veterinarians find one of the most common pet ailments is liver disease and the symptoms can be vague or hard to spot.  Most often, liver problems make a pet lethargic and sluggish. Some people say that their cat or dog just isn’t acting like himself.  Pets with liver disease will also eat less than usual and his eyes and mouth may develop a yellowish tint.  If your pet has any of these symptoms, take him to a veterinarian.  Liver disease can occur at any age but there are good treatments and pet medication available. The sooner it’s diagnosed, the better.

dog-hot-dogI’m sure that there are many family barbeque’s going on today.  Many owners allow their dogs to roam free while they are cooking on the grill.  The barbeque can be hazardous to your dog. Grills get very hot and your dog doesn’t realize that it’s hot and before you know it, he can really burn himself if he goes for that burger or hot dog. If your dog is a lively one, he may accidentally bump into the grill and knock it over and cause himself injury as well as others. Always keep your dog away from the grill. Keep him on his dog leash while you’re grilling.

Dogs love burgers and hot dogs and may even try to steel a dog or two during your family get together. This food is not  good for your dog. You may have to tell your guests not to sneak burgers or hot dogs to Buster. Instead, offer your dog some of his favorite food during this time so he doesn’t feel “left out.”

Remember, water is one of the core components of  an animal’s diet. Always keep the dog water bowl filled if he’s spending the day with you outside in the sunshine.  If you are traveling with your dog during the summer, always take water with you and offer it to him frequently during the trip.


dogs-listening-to-musicThere are lots of dogs who love to go for a ride, but for some, traveling in the car could be extremely stressful. If your dog cries, shakes, or pants excessively in his pet carrier or in the back seat of your car, there is something other than drugs that you can try. Psychoacoustically designed music which is designed to keep you alert and soothes your pets nerves, can make that dreaded drive much more pleasant.  The canine nervous system is extremely sensitive to sound. Special arrangements of classical music can have a soothing impact on your anxious friend in his crate or back seat. You will be reading more details on this in the coming weeks. We will give you specific information as where ti obtain this type of music as well as music that is specifically designed for your dog or cat. Believe it or not, music that is soothing to your dog may not be soothing to your cat. There are different types of music designed specifically for dogs or cats. Stay tuned, more to come on this topic!

dog-sadThe Pet Product Guru would like to wish you are wonderful Passover and Easter Holiday! Remember not to let your dog or cat eat any chocolate. Chocolate is lethal to dogs and cats.  Chocolate contains a chemical called Theobromine which is toxic to dogs and cats. Chocolate should be kept away from dogs and cats at all times because they often like and make off with foods that are sweet. Even if you get them to a vet, pet medication may not be effective.

We would like to thank you for reading our posts. We have some great new ones on the way!

cat-with-green-frog-headIt’s usually cat dander that causes our cat allergies. There are ways to reduce the dander and provide some relief of allergy sufferers.

1. Try not to have your cat sleep in the bed with you. I let mine, but sometimes pay for it in the morning.

2. Wash all bedding with hot water at least twice each month.

3. Use HEPA air filters in the rooms where your cats are.

4. Vacuum at two to three times per week using a HEPA filter.

5. Wash your hands immediately after petting your cat and do not rub your eyes. I get itchy eyes for hours,  sometimes days if I don’t wash my hands.

6. Confine your cat to an area of the house.

7. Use pet wipes on your cat regularly to moisten the skin and contain the dander so it doesn’t fly all around the room.

8. Clean the cat bed regularly. Use a vacuum and if you can, it may be a good idea to wash it occasionally.

9.  DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR CAT!  Prevention can really help the problem.