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May 2016
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The Playful Oriental Cat

Thursday, May 26, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

orientacatThe Oriental is a breed of cat that has special unique characteristics. The Oriental is distantly related to the Siamese but its’ solid color coat does not have the dark points of the Siamese. They come in both short hair and long hair variety. The Oriental has a long, sleek body and is very intelligent. The typical Oriental can still develop intense relationships with humans. People who love their Oriental cats list four main characteristics.

  • active
  • playful – In additional to all the cat accessories like cat food, a cat bed, litter, buy a nice variety of cat toys to keep the active creature occupied!
  • affectionate
  • vocal
    Get out those cat toys because if your Oriental cat wants to play,or  you’ll be the first to hear about it!

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cool cat bedDoes your cat sleep just about anywhere? Except in his cat bed.  Mine do. Whether it be in a closet, under the bed, under the covers of the bed, on the window sill etc. My younger cat sleeps on top of my audio equipment! It can’t be comfortable but it is warm. Cats like warm places. You’ll never know where you’ll find your cat sleeping. I’m sure that you’ve had an experience where you’ve spent quite a while shopping for a nice cozy cat bed. You pick one out, spend a fortune, take it home and there it sits in the corner collecting dust rather than cat hair. I even would put cat treats in the bed, but no use. My cat would come, eat the treats and leave.  Your cat is sleeping somewhere else and wants no part of the cozy, expensive cat bed that you just spent half of your pay check on! Sound familiar?

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PUPPYTRAIINGYour new pup is running around, you are shouting at him trying to get him to come to you or to jump in the car but your word’s aren’t going anywhere. The first thing you need to do is win your dog’s mind. Here are some real keys to training. You may be training him to fetch his dog toys, come when called, go inside his dog crate, stop barking understanding the results is critical to achieving your goal.

The first thing you need to do is win your dog’s mind. If you don’t do this right away, training him will be an uphill battle. Your dog looks to you for all of the decisions. You must be the pack leader. There are ways to do this. Do some research and learn the tips on how you become the pack leader, not your dog. Just at the point when you think you’re getting your dog to listen, they will do their own thing. Your dog may fetch his outside dog toy, come when called etc 99% of the time,however if you want a dog who always listens to you and does as you ask then you need to win your dogs mind.

The second key to your success is to motivate your dog. It’s important that you determine what your dog enjoys in terms if exercise and play and also in terms of reward.  What’s his favorite dog treat? If you can make your dog’s experience enjoyable, then you will achieve more and both of you will look forward to training. Find out what your dog’s love and make his training as enjoyable as possible.

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Shopping For A Dog Crate

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

puppycrate.comYou’ve just adopted a new puppy and the first thing that you want to purchase is a dog crate. Make sure that you choose a crate size that will be large enough to accommodate him as an adult. He should be able to stand, lie down or sit in any position that he chooses. You may want to consider purchasing a crate that is sectioned off to allow for growth. Consider the kind of wire used. Make sure that your puppies paws do not fit through the wire. A crate made of plastic is easier to clean than a wire crate.

It is much safer to keep your dog in his crate while your are traveling. Remember his crate is his castle! Never use the crate for punishment or your dog will always associate his crate with something bad. Always keep the crate visable and let him go in it everyday. Always remove his collar before putting him in his crate. Finally give him a bowl of water, some of his favorite toys and don’t forget the dog crate pad. Now you’re all set to enjoy your new puppy!

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dogchildrenYour may think that the perfect dog for children is a small cute one right? Not necessarily. Contrary to popular belief, tiny dogs usually do not like to be held and are not cuddley. Dr. Alice Finelly, an Animal Behaviorist at Tufts University says that you need to look for a dog that not only has a solid temperment and is relaxed but is physically sturdy and will be able to withstand interacting with children. If you still want to choose a small dog, Dr. Finelly says that Pugs, Boston or Norfolk Terriers may be the best choices. So if you have a small child and are thinking of adopting a dog, start thinking of a larger dog and of course when you’re shopping for dog beds, choose the right size, dog bed, dog carrier or crate dog collars etc. Make sure you do your research, when it comes to the correct sizes of various pet products. This will avoid trips back to the store for exchanges.

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How Much to Feed Your Adult Dog.

Monday, May 23, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

dogseatingIf you read the labels of your dog’s favorite  dog foods, you will notice lots of discrepancies in the recommended amounts to feed him. The amount of dog food that you feed your dog will change throughout his life. Most weight problems develop slowly and are likely to occur during the transition period from puppy to adult. Remember, an adult dog’s appetite is always greater than his need. Another time when weight gain increases is when your dog gets older and his activity level decreases. Be aware of the need to adjust your dogs calories and give him periodic weight checks. This will help you with overfeeding during these transition times. Also, watch the amount of dog treats that you give him as these usually contain many calories!

Knowing how much to feed your dog can be confusing. Always start with a quality food and note the feeding instructions on the bag or can. Then, add or decrease the amount depending on your dogs activity level. Start feeding this amount but monitor his weight on a regular basis. Make adjustments along the way and always check with your vet. So don’t overfill that dog dish right away!

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GEESE.edgewaterI am ashamed to say that I used to live in this god forsaken town! I got a call from an Animal Activist yesterday voicing grave concern about the plan to gas the wild geese in Edgewater ,NJ. I moved from this town because of corrupt politics, overdevelopment, crowded roads, rude people and high taxes. I can add another item to my list. Greed in this town has gotten so bad. Several years ago, they wanted the beautiful green parrots out and began destroying their nesting areas. Now it’s the geese.  The following, disturbing article was retrieved from NJ.Com and outlines this very disturbing story.


Edgewater’s Plan to Gas It’s Geese!

Edgewater’s plan to ‘gas its geese’ ignites statewide protestsThe borough’s plan this year to round up large numbers of geese and gas them to death is drawing criticism from across New Jersey.

For the fourth year, the borough council has contracted with the U.S. Department of Agriculture “for capture and euthanasia of Canadian Geese.” The plan involves gassing the geese to death with carbon dioxide during late spring or early summer.

Last Saturday, the League of Humane Voters – which lobbies for animal-friendly laws – held a “Geese Protest” on River Road.

On Monday, protesters spoke against the gassing of geese during a meeting of the mayor and council.

And the Animal Protection League of N.J. is planning a protest on May 28 in Edgewater Commons.

In the past, Edgewater council members have complained that geese inundate the local marina and parks, preventing residents and children from enjoying the facilities.

“Canadian Geese result in the accumulation of feces that create a nuisance and human health concerns, grazing and destroying lawns, aggressive behavior jeopardizing human safety, traffic hazards on roadways, aviation hazards, and the reduction in the quality of life to Edgewater residents,” the borough stated in an ordinance passed last year.

Teens run down geese with SUV

The protesters are urging the council to consider more humane methods of reducing the geese population, including habitat modification, enforcing laws that prohibit the public from feeding the animals and using noise or other devices to scare the geese away.

An online petition demands that the council break its contract with the USDA and instead employ “effective nonlethal, humane methods” to reduce the numbers.

“The capture, gassing, and killing of Canada geese is not effective at solving geese conflicts and any reduction in the population is temporary,” states a letter included with a petition on

“The League of Humane Voters of NJ and other organizations are willing to work with the town council to educate residents, property owners, and management companies about how to humanely and effectively solve geese conflicts.”

The letter is addressed to Edgewater Mayor Michael J. McPartland and members of the council.

The mayor did not immediately respond to phone messages and an email seeking comment. None of the council members could be reached for comment Thursday morning.

Borough Administrator Gregory Franz did was not immediately available to comment.

There are more humane ways to get limit these geese which were apparently never considered. I told the kind woman who contacted me that I no longer live in New Jersey. I now live in southern Delaware where this horrendous, heinous act would never be considered. Preserving wildlife is a big priority down here.  Today, as put your dog’s leash on and take him for a walk or see a wild bird eating from a bird feeder, think of thousands of innocent birds that are about to be gassed in this greedy little town. Please call or write and express your displeasure about the awful choice made by these cruel politicians.

Edgewater Municipal Offices

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2016 Is An Elevated Tick Year

Sunday, May 22, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGFLEAYou’re in the park with your dog and he’s happily rolling around in the grass fetching his dog toys. Lots of owners forget the threat of fleas and ticks while having a great time with their best friends. They don’t take along flea and tick protection for themselves or their pet and leave themselves and their dog very vulnerable to dangerous flea and tick bites.

According to the Cary Institute disease ecologist, Rick Ostfield, 2016 will be a boom year for ticks. As scientists learn more about Borrelia burgdorferi – commonly called Lyme Disease, we know that organisms primary source of transmission to humans and dogs is the black legged tick. We do know that their are other methods of contracting this disease, but ticks remain the primary mode of transmission. The prediction this year comes from 20 years of field studies so please take it seriously.

Check your dog regularly for both attached and crawling ticks. Past studies have shown that attached ticks need to be attached for 48 hours for transmission however, that study has been replaced by new ones that indicate that transmission can take place in less than 24 hours. This is according to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society.

Make sure you take flea and tick protection, also a flea collar for your pet is always a good idea.

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Leptospirosis —-Prevent It, It’s Nasty!

Saturday, May 21, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

ratcatYou can help prevent Leptospirosis for both you and your pet by keeping rodents under control. This includes Opossums which are much more active during the summer months. You will notice while driving back from the Jersey shore or back from the beach here in southern Delaware during sunset, lots of Opossums grazing along the side of the road. According to the center of Disease Control rodents carry and spread bacteria that causes the disease. There is a vaccine for Lepto but it’s not 100% effective against all strains. If you or your pet exhibits any of these symptoms,go to your doctor or take your pet  to the vet right away. Don’t try to administer any pet medication to your pet on your own.

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Pain
  • No appetite or for your pet, not eating dog food or cat food
  • Severe weakness and depression
  • Stiffness
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Inability of conceive

If your pet is being treated for Lepto, it is very important that they finish all of the prescribed pet medication and that you take the necessary steps to stop the spread of other animals and human family members. Ask your vet, he will review the specifics with you. You must also take the initiative and find the root of the problem and eliminate it.

Remember, your pets count!

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Are Some Hugs Stressful To Our Dogs?

Saturday, May 21, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy
WHALE EYE is a sign of stress in your dog!

WHALE EYE is a sign of stress in your dog!

Dogs can walk peacefully on a dog leash or play and fetch their dog toys without any stress at all. Why are some dog hugs stressful to a dog and how can you tell if it’s stressful? Stanley Coren professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia, recently evaluated 250 photos of dogs being hugged by humans and noted stress signs such as licking and certain ear or eye positions. We know that our dogs love us but they are  cursorial animals meaning  that they are programmed for a speedy departure when stressed. This may not be the case for all dogs but Coren believes that a dogs stress level may rise when the hug is restraining. If you notice a “half moon” eye or a “whale eye” which is where you can see the white portion of the eye at the corner or the rim, you can assume that your dog is stressed out.

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